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Packing and moving

When it comes to packing and moving here are a few suggestions.

1. Look at the storage to see if it meets your needs- Do you need 24 hour access? Locked gates or security cameras?

Climate controlled? Ask thestorage what they do for security and what happens in an emergency.

2. Label Boxes- Have an idea what you have in each box or tote. Mark in in order of importance to you.

3. Wrap anything you considerable- Make sure you use packing materials to keep your items safe. Bubble wrap, newspaper, plastic bags are

all good packing material.

4. Don't put breakables on the bottom- People have been known to put their lightweight/breakable things on the bottom and heavier things on


5. If you are storing mattressess, wrap them and place them off the ground. You may put them on a pallet or cardboard. Do not put them directly

on the ground if the floor is concrete, it will absorb the moisture and can cause mold/mildew.

6. Do not store anything valuable(sentimental/monetary) or important papers- The storage business is not responsible if items get damaged,

stolen, or if you are unable to pay. Don't store birth certificates, divorce/marriage papers, wills, passports, social security cards ect.

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