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5 renting tips

Here are a few tips on renting a storage unit.

1. Make sure to read everything in your contract. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. You are responsible to know what you are

agreeing to. Laws vary from state to state on everything including what you can and cannot store, if you need renter's insurance, late fees,

disposing of unit if you fail to pay ect. Make sure you get a copy of your contract and keep it in a safe place, NOT in your storage unit.

2. Do NOT store any thing illegal, very valuable (monetary or sentimental)- The storage is not responsible if items get damaged or destroyed.

If it is illegal (drug making, illegal hunting/skins ect) proper authorities may get involved.

3. Do NOT sign for someone else or let them sign for you - That is the most important, if you sign the contract you are responsible to pay and

take care of the unit. If someone else signs for you and they fail to pay you will loose your items. If they pay and decide to change locks and you

don't have a key, there is nothing the storage can do. Its a civil matter and you will have to talk to the police about the problem.

4. Take pictures of the unit before you move in, notice any problems and bring it to the managers attention. Make a list of things you are storing

in your unit, so if anything happens you will know what you had in there. Make sure you have any serial or identification numbers written down

and kept in a safe place.

5. Get a lock (we recommend a circular disc lock) and keep your keys in a safe place. Only let someone you know and trust use if need be. If

someone steal your keys or they get lost notify the manager as soon as possible so you can put a new lock on.

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